014 - What's This?

This week Michael and Mandy did something a little bit different. This episode is a commentary audio track for one of their very favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas , just in time for Halloween.     Don't have time to watch it before Halloween? That's ok! It's a great Christmas movie too, so you can watch it any time between the two holidays without issue!

So go ahead, watch the movie as a refresher. Then load it up again, and listen to our instructions for getting the timing right to listen to this at the same time the movie plays. 

Curious about the versions of Danny Elfman's This is Halloween bookending the episode? 

Intro:  This is Halloween  performed by Panic! At the Disco
Outro: This is Halloween  performed by Marilyn Manson

Both are available in full on the Special Edition soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas

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