011 - Pre-Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend (2018-09-20)

*This episode was recorded very quickly in a hotel room. No edits, no good microphone. Please forgive the intro, as on first listen I immediately could tell I could have done a hundred times better. Enjoy!

This week's guest: Nicole Powell

This week’s topics:

  • Summer catch-up

  • Training troubles

  • Unexpected magazine covers

  • Costuming

  • All-night costuming as a provable cause of shaved heads

  • runDisney USA is great at organizing races. runDisney France…

  • The weekend to come!

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010 (2018-05-01) - Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend Recap

This week's guest: Kimberly Erin

This week's main topic: Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend!

Michael's Instagram costume galleries:

Other topics:

  • Canada
  • Becoming obsessed with runDisney
  • Talking Kimberly into Dopey
  • Talking Michael into doing Princess again
  • Routines for frequent Challenge weekend-ers
  • Comparing Disney World race weekends
  • Travel & Family Support
  • Why Kimberly can't just use her first and last name to promote her business 😂

Kimberly's links:

Michael/Run the Small World links:

2018/03/21 - First Time Accomplishments

This week's guest: Amanda Kay Oaks

Amanda's Topic: Her first 10K!
Michael's Topic: Pacing a marathon for the first time

Other topics: Layering in the cold, hydrating in the summer heat, Hufflepuff's status as the best Hogwarts house (Shout out to Hogwarts Running Club!)

Running News Item: Is Chris Zablocki the Best Extreme Marathoner?
Disney News Item 1: Disney is bringing ‘immersive’ Marvel lands to its theme parks
Disney News Item 2: Disney World Updates Controversial ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ride Bride Auction Scene


2018/03/16 - Wellness: Self-Care & Mental Health

This week's guest: Mary Chase Mize

Main Topic: Wellness and self-care beyond general fitness: How running contributes to our mental health.

Other topics:
Dog farts, making friends, being and becoming a runner, returning to Disney World as an adult, the positivity of running culture (particularly runDisney)

Running News Item: Boston Marathon Start Line Painter Retires
Disney News Item: Disney World Hotels Introduce Overnight Parking Fee

Mary Chase's Bloghttps://marychasebreedlovemize.com