March 2019 - Princess Weekend Wrapup with Kirsten

Kirsten joins to talk all about Princess Half Marathon Weekend, running her first half marathon, lessons learned, and stories to share. Listen in for lots of laughter, hear about Kirsten’s cool Disney-related (but not officially associated) work, some positive peer pressure, and some updates on Michael’s monthly marathon progress. Stay to the end for some extra pre-and-post-show funny moments.

This week's guest: Kirsten
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This week’s topics:

  • The Princess Weekend Expo

  • Being recognized at Disney

  • Michael’s 5K and 10K experiences, including his first time running a Disney race with a friend.

  • Kirsten’s very first half marathon!

    • Costume character appropriate running equipment malfunctions

    • The most helpful things to have known going in

    • How this was different from previous runDisney experiences

  • Michael’s Princess Half Marathon, an intense lesson in not spending your energy efficiently, starting with a pre-race dance party

  • Kirsten’s first (and Michael’s second) Trader Sam’s experience

  • Some Magic Kingdom special snacks

  • A whole lot more.

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February 2019 - Prepping for Princess with Russ Guin

Russ joins as a last minute guest to talk about going into Princess Half Marathon Weekend as well as various tips and things to look out for from years of experience.

This week's guest: Russ Guin

This week’s topics:

  • Last minute preparations

  • Focusing on enjoying yourself

  • What you shouldn’t skip this weekend

  • Worst and best runDisney moments, including how Russ knows you might want to think twice about running too hard at a Disney 10K.

  • Favorite character photo stories

  • A few of Russ’s personal favorite park things

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January 2019 - Recapping Paris, Wine & Dine, and Marathon Weekend

Picking things back up with some catch up! Ditching the old format and eschewing editing to make keeping this thing up easier, now shooting for one episode a month. Let’s hope this keeps up!

This week's guest: Nicole Powell

This week’s topics:

  • Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend

  • Wine & Dine Weekend

  • Marathon Weekend

  • Looking forward to upcoming races and Princess Weekend

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011 - Pre-Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend (2018-09-20)

*This episode was recorded very quickly in a hotel room. No edits, no good microphone. Please forgive the intro, as on first listen I immediately could tell I could have done a hundred times better. Enjoy!

This week's guest: Nicole Powell

This week’s topics:

  • Summer catch-up

  • Training troubles

  • Unexpected magazine covers

  • Costuming

  • All-night costuming as a provable cause of shaved heads

  • runDisney USA is great at organizing races. runDisney France…

  • The weekend to come!

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010 (2018-05-01) - Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend Recap

This week's guest: Kimberly Erin

This week's main topic: Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon Weekend!

Michael's Instagram costume galleries:

Other topics:

  • Canada
  • Becoming obsessed with runDisney
  • Talking Kimberly into Dopey
  • Talking Michael into doing Princess again
  • Routines for frequent Challenge weekend-ers
  • Comparing Disney World race weekends
  • Travel & Family Support
  • Why Kimberly can't just use her first and last name to promote her business 😂

Kimberly's links:

Michael/Run the Small World links:

2018/03/21 - First Time Accomplishments

This week's guest: Amanda Kay Oaks

Amanda's Topic: Her first 10K!
Michael's Topic: Pacing a marathon for the first time

Other topics: Layering in the cold, hydrating in the summer heat, Hufflepuff's status as the best Hogwarts house (Shout out to Hogwarts Running Club!)

Running News Item: Is Chris Zablocki the Best Extreme Marathoner?
Disney News Item 1: Disney is bringing ‘immersive’ Marvel lands to its theme parks
Disney News Item 2: Disney World Updates Controversial ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ride Bride Auction Scene


2018/03/16 - Wellness: Self-Care & Mental Health

This week's guest: Mary Chase Mize

Main Topic: Wellness and self-care beyond general fitness: How running contributes to our mental health.

Other topics:
Dog farts, making friends, being and becoming a runner, returning to Disney World as an adult, the positivity of running culture (particularly runDisney)

Running News Item: Boston Marathon Start Line Painter Retires
Disney News Item: Disney World Hotels Introduce Overnight Parking Fee

Mary Chase's Blog