In lingua originali

I have a pet peeve. Ok, I have many pet peeves. Today, though, I'm talking about one in particular.

Recently, I finally watched Hayao Miyazaki's *My Neighbor Totoro* (it's wonderful, in case you're wondering). When first starting the movie, the Blu-Ray actually started it with the Disney dubbed audio rather than the original Japanese audio with subtitles. It is remarkable how much this bothers me.

Hitchcock Collection Viewing

Many apologies to our adoring public. This post was supposed to go up Friday. After a 22-hour long power outage, I then got this typed up… and then forgot to post it. So here it is, nearly a whole weekend late.

I love movies. I mean, I really love movies. Bad movies, good movies, in-between movies. I'll generally enjoy any movie as long as I can calibrate my expectations appropriately, and often I can enjoy a movie upon re-watching it if I happened to dislike it the first time around.

Hugo/Nebula Award Read

On occasion, usually on the occasion of Hugo nominations being released, I feel like a bad science fiction reader. When awards are given out, it just underscores that there is this whole legacy of science fiction that I'm not completely aware of.

Meet Michael

Well, now it’s my turn. I’m generally probably going to be the worse of the two of us at keeping to schedules, but I promise all of you (especially you, Mandy!) I’ll do my best! What I lack in punctuality, I make up for in verbosity!