019 - Natasha Deals With Stubborn Men

Mandy and Michael discuss Captain America: Civial War, the third movie starring the Greatest American Hero, Steve Rodgers, which many have perhaps not incorrectly dubbed Avengers 2.5. There's plenty to criticize and discuss, regardless of how much they liked the movie, so brace yourselves for some character-by-character critique. Tune in to find out who Michael thinks the only 3 reasonable prominent characters (of a huge cast) are in the entire film. There are many many spoilers for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, so listen carefully!

Note: There was static on one of our sides in recording. We had the choice to make it so the static was present while both were talking or only on the side with audio issues. As it turns out, the version with single-sided static was much worse listening in practice because it was impossible to get used to the static when it came in and out for long stretches so it was deliberately left in on both sides. Please forgive us!

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